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Wildlife Control

Our Team Offers Professional Wildlife Treatment & Removal

There are a number of animals that may find their way onto your property. Raccoons, bats, and even deer are not uncommon to see around commercial and residential buildings. Sometimes, these animals prove to be harmless, and a part of the scenery as much as anything. However, unwanted animals can also be a nuisance, causing damage to your lawn or landscaping, getting into your trash, or even spreading disease if they get close enough to people.

The good news is that Hoffman’s Exterminating offers professional wildlife control for a range of nuisance animals. Our skilled pest pros are backed by over 30 years of experience, and are equipped with over 30 stock vehicles to get the job done. We offer solutions for a range of commercial and residential properties, striving to provide quality service with personalized care. And with a long list of five-star reviews to back us up, you already know you can trust the pros at Hoffman’s Exterminating.

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What Animals Does Your Wildlife Control Team Handle?

A lot of people assume that wildlife control and pest control are pretty much the same thing. However, this simply isn’t true. Pest control typically refers to insects and spiders, and occasionally rats and mice. As a result the same spraying and extermination methods which are appropriate for the average pest control job often cannot be used for wildlife control. Luckily, our experts at Hoffman’s are highly trained to offer specific wildlife removal and treatment for homes and businesses. While our goal is to make our clients happy, we also must ensure the animals we are targeting are truly a nuisance. This means that we cannot harm, harass or interfere with wildlife that is simply on a property—in essence, we are not “trappers.” We are looking for animals digging under structures, such as a groundhog living under a shed that may cause structural issues, animals entering structures such as squirrels entering an attic, or raccoons getting into trash. We also look for evidence that the animal is frequently on the property such as tracks, droppings, or gnawing/scratching marks. All of this will help us determine if or what service is needed.

Hoffman’s proudly provides wildlife control for:

One of the main purposes of wildlife control is to ensure your property is protected going into the future. Our team will work to eliminate your current wildlife problems and create changes to the perimeter of your property, so nuisance animals don’t return. We promise that all our services are safe for children and pets, so you never have to worry about poison traps or toxic gasses. Our goal is to take care of wildlife issues without disrupting the surrounding ecosystem or causing more problems for you and your property.

For Wildlife Control in South Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware & Northern Maryland, Hoffman’s Has Got You Covered

The East Coast is home to a variety of nuisance animals, and Hoffman’s has what it takes to deal with virtually all of them. Our rates are also highly affordable, and we offer rotating specials to serve a range of budgets. We even guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job, and with 24-hour emergency service and same-day appointments available upon request, you can call our wildlife control team anytime.

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