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Wow, This is (literally) nuts!

A woodpecker in California stashed at least 700 pounds of acorns inside the wall of a house! A pest control professional was called in and removed them!

Visual inspection showed that the bird(s) made holes in the home and stored the acorns in the walls. The best guess is that a pair of acorn woodpeckers had been building the stockpile for at least two years.

The homeowners saw "little worms coming out of the wall that looked like maggots" - a type of mealworm that woodpeckers sometimes eat.

More about Acorn Woodpeckers

Acorn Woodpeckers live, breed, and nest in groups. Colonies have one to three breeding females and up to eight breeding males.

The colony works together to excavate a nest cavity in a dead or living branch of a large tree or a dead tree, and the group may use the same nest cavity for several seasons.

As their name implies, Acorn Woodpeckers rely heavily upon acorns for food. They rarely stray far from oaks and do their best in areas with various oak species, allowing the birds to increase their chances of taking advantage of good crop years and surviving crop failures. Acorn Woodpeckers consume insects, sap, and fruit and occasionally eat grass seeds, lizards, and bird eggs. Sometimes they hawk for insects in the manner of the Red-headed Woodpecker.

Have you heard the peck of a woodpecker against your home or gutters? Call us, and we'll inspect the area for any infestation.

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