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Why Clean Gutters Are Important?

Homeowners must have clean gutters before the spring rainy season to ensure the water is diverted correctly from home. The rainy season can bring a lot of damage to homes if the gutters are not properly maintained. Homeowners can choose Hoffman's Exterminating to install the Leaf Relief Gutter System to keep their gutters clear of debris year-round.

Other Problems include:

1. Water Damage: When gutters don't work, water can collect around the foundation of your home, leading to water damage to the foundation, walls, and surrounding landscaping.

2. Ice Dams: If gutters are blocked or clogged, melting snow and ice can back up and form an ice dam on your roof. This can cause water to back up underneath shingles and cause roof damage or leaks.

3. Soil Erosion: When water is not properly diverted away from your home, it can cause soil erosion, which can damage landscaping, walkways, and driveways.

4. Pest Infestations: When water is allowed to collect in the eaves of your home, it can attract pests such as mosquitoes, termites, and rodents.

5. Excessive Plant Growth: When water is not properly diverted away from your home, it can lead to excessive plant growth near the foundation. This can cause damage to the foundation and can also create a breeding ground for pests.

6. Basement Flooding: If gutters are blocked or clogged, water can collect around the foundation and cause basement flooding.

"The Leaf Relief Gutter System is the best choice for homeowners who want to ensure that their gutters will stay clear and work properly throughout the rainy season. It is easy to install and will provide long-lasting protection against clogged gutters." Bill Hoffman, President & CEO of Hoffman's Exterminating

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