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What are the Benefits of T.A.P. Insulation & Pest Control

T.A.P. stands for Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, and it isn't typical old-time insulation; it's loose-fill insulation that is getting blown into your attic.

T.A.P. can even be used on top of your existing insulation, so installation is simple and quick.

Hoffman's Exterminating is an authorized installer of T.A.P. insulation, and our Team is experienced in helping you to get the maximum efficiency out of the product by applying our experience with pest control and structures in the region.

Benefits of T.A.P. insulation

  • You'll save money on your energy bills. The insulation is denser and will keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter months.

  • T.A.P. makes your home quieter inside. So, no more traffic noise that will bother you inside your home.

  • The density of the T.A.P. insulation provides a seal that keeps pests out.

  • Typical home insulations are actually flammable. T.A.P. insulation is treated against igniting, preventing a fire from spreading.

Does T.A.P. Pest Control & T.A.P. Insulation really work?

Statistics have shown that the T.A.P. insulation is 32% better than the traditional insulation that you probably have in your home. It is denser and will ensure that no pests can enter your home.

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