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T.A.P. Pest Control Insulation: 32% Better Is Way Better!

Properly insulating your home reduces heating and cooling costs and improves comfort. Insulation in your home provides resistance to heat flow, lowers your heating and cooling costs, and helps protect your home from infestation. Statistics have shown that the T.A.P. insulation is 32% better than the standard insulation you have in your home. It is denser and will ensure that no pests can enter your home.


Quick Facts:

Traditional insulation can last for decades, but blown T.A.P. Insulation may last up to 100 years.


TAP® has an R-Value of R-3.6 per inch, while most loose fiberglass insulations are R-2.5 per inch.

What is T.A.P.:

T.A.P. Pest Control Insulation is a 'loose-fill' insulation, so it is installed by blowing the product into attics on top of existing insulation or into attics and wall voids of new construction. It will reduce heating & cooling costs by up to 30% annually by keeping structures warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Why Hoffmans Exterminating: Not only is Hoffman's Exterminating an authorized installer of T.A.P. insulation, but the Hoffman's Team is experienced in helping you to get the maximum efficiency out of the product by applying our experience with pest control and structures in the region.

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