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Pests Emerging From Winter

Pests may go dormant in the winter, but that doesn't mean you're in the clear from dealing with all types of insects and rodents. When it's cold outside, winter pests look for cozy places to hide and eat food, including in your home or business.

At Hoffman's Exterminating, we help you determine the most prevalent in our region and how to protect your property against an infestation.


Mice and rats are like relatives you might not want to see; they show up looking for warm places to be with plenty of food and water. Since they can fit through tiny openings, they can squeeze through minor cracks or gaps in your windows, doors, and walls. Once there, rodents gnaw on the wires, wood framing, and insulation, leaving your property vulnerable to structural damage. Aside from the physical threat, rodents can carry bacteria and diseases that contaminate your food and valuables.


Even though cockroaches are prevalent in the Delaware Valley and DelMarVa areas all year, you may notice them in the winter when you turn on the heat and unintentionally bring them out of hiding. They spread bacteria, contaminate food sources, and worsen symptoms of allergies and other respiratory conditions. These creepy crawlers enjoy areas near food and moisture, such as the kitchen or bathroom.


You may notice these pests with black and orange marks in the winter, but they've most likely wandered into your home in the fall. Since they like warm weather, they might have thought it was spring when you turned your heat on for the winter. Even though boxelder bugs aren't dangerous, they tend to have an unpleasant smell and stain upholstery and other fabric items.


These pests release an extremely potent and unpleasant odor if you crush or intimidate them. They usually infest homes or businesses in the fall, but they enter a dormant phase and spend most of the winter hiding in crawl spaces, walls, or attics. However, stink bugs may come out of hiding prematurely if you have a hot day in the winter.

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