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Not Too Many Leaves On The Trees Means Your Gutters Are Probably Full!

So, the trees are getting bare, and your ongoing efforts have kept the lawn leaf-free. Imagine the hundreds of leaves on a typical tree; now think about how many landed on your roof and were washed down into your gutters. Yup, they're probably full at the moment. Do you really want to go up a shaky ladder or pay someone to clean them a few times a year? No. You don't.

Homes with little to no trees should be able to get by once a year, while homes with a medium amount of trees around should get by with 2 cleanings per year. However, homes with many trees nearby or that hang directly over the home may require 3 or more cleanings per year.

Homes with Leaf Relief Gutter Guards by Hoffman's Exterminating - no regular gutter cleanout is necessary!

  • reports that 99% of all gutters are expected to fail at some point, even when adequately fixed on the roof. You should visually inspect your gutters from the ground every few months, especially after heavy rain.

  • Now is one of the best times to install Leaf Relief Gutter Guards professionally, as gutters are prone to clogging this time of year. The Leaf Relief System is effective at helping to keep leaves and other debris at bay, ensure that moss and algae don't grow on the inner surface of your gutters, and deter bugs and other small animals.

  • Each year, more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries and 300 deaths in the U.S. are caused by falls from ladders. This is why D.I.Y. gutter repairs are not recommended.

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