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Most Common Mid-Atlantic Bugs and Pests

The Mid-Atlantic region, including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, is home to many different types of insects and pests that come out in the spring. These include ants, fleas, ticks, moths, spiders, beetles, and cockroaches.

Ants are one of the most common pests in the Mid-Atlantic region. They can be found in both outdoor and indoor locations, and they can cause various problems, including contaminating food, damaging plants, and causing structural damage to buildings.

Fleas and ticks are also common in the region and can transmit diseases to humans and pets. Moths, spiders, and beetles can invade homes and businesses and can cause damage to clothing, furniture, and other items.

Cockroaches are another pest that can cause health risks, especially if they invade homes and businesses.

At Hoffman's Exterminating, we offer various services to help homeowners and businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region deal with their spring insect and pest problems. Services include inspections, treatments, and prevention. Our inspections can identify and locate the source of an infestation and offer treatment options that can eliminate any existing infestations and prevent new ones from occurring. We also provide prevention services to help reduce the risk of insects and pests entering and infesting a home or business, along with advice and recommendations on protecting a home or business from future infestations.

Hoffman Exterminating - will help keep your home and/or business pest-free - inside and out!

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