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Services: Inspections

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Free Pest Inspection

Our region is full of pest activity. This time of year, pest pressures increase.


Now is the time to inspect your home for wood-destroying insects and occasional invaders. Children are returning to school, and family vacations are ending. It's time to pay a bit more attention to your home.


Hoffman's Exterminating offers free inspections that may uncover hidden pest activity. 

Here's What To Expect

Exterior Inspection

We start by looking closely at our surroundings. The more vegetation, such as bushes and trees, the more likely your home is susceptible to pest harborage. Remember, moisture plays a crucial role in controlling pest activity. Your foundation wall should be visible around the entire perimeter of the home. Firewood, sheds, and stored materials should not come in contact with your home; it provides a harborage and breeding area for insects and animals.

Crawl spaces

Crawl spaces are ideal for insects because they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If not properly vented, they can also hold high levels of moisture. It's best to keep this area clean and accessible for regular inspections. You should have a termite inspection a minimum of once every two years. Our regular customers get a termite inspection every year.


If you have a finished basement, there is not much to see and inspect, but if it is unfinished, you can see where the block wall meets the sill plate, which is a vital area to check for termites. We recommend that you have a dehumidifier to control the air's moisture.


Most people use their attic for storage. Make sure to leave access for a proper inspection. Attic areas are ideal for silverfish, bats, squirrels, and wasps to call home. If not detected early, these pests can raise their families without being disturbed. Once they claim this as their home, it is more difficult to remove them.


It doesn't take long for your garage to collect clutter. In most homes, there isn't enough room for the car; but there is for termites. It is one of the first places termites appear because of the close wood-to-soil contact. Keep the walls free from clutter so we can make a visual inspection. We also inspected garage doors to ensure they fit tight, keeping out unwanted rodents like mice and rats.

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