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A swarm of ants crawl out of an ant hole

Why Are Ant Problems So Hard to Get Rid Of?

Anyone who has dealt with an ant infestation before knows it is a stubborn problem that tends to come back again and again. But what is it about ant infestations that makes them so hard to eliminate?

Below, we’ll explain some common challenges when controlling an ant infestation and why some methods are less effective than others.

Why Ant Problems Are Hard to Eliminate

Ant infestations are a stubborn problem for more than one reason. Here are the main challenges:

  • Ant colonies are enormous. An ant colony can have hundreds or even thousands of members, and eliminating all of them is a challenge. If there are surviving colony members, they can start a new colony on your property.

  • All members of an ant colony are rarely in one place at one time. Even if you manage to find the nest and destroy the ants inside of it, there are plenty of other ants foraging beyond the nest that can start another colony.

  • Some nests are not easily accessible. This can be problematic if you’re trying to destroy the infestation with DIY methods. It’s difficult to be successful when the ants have made a nest far below ground, below the pavement, under your crawlspace, or inside your home’s walls.

  • Ants can enter through the smallest cracks in your home. While it’s easier to block entry points for rodents and wildlife, ants can invade your home through tiny crevices that are easy to overlook.

  • Ants are not afraid to move. If a threat disturbs the colony, the ants can relocate to a different area of your property where it seems safer.

  • Ants can develop resistance to store-bought pesticide sprays. The first time you spray an ant invasion in your home, you may be pleased with the results. However, spraying the same pesticide over and over can allow the ants that survive to develop an immunity to the poison.

  • Some ant colonies have poison-tasters. These ants share food with other ants using mouth-to-mouth regurgitation. The food that they distribute through this method is diluted and reduces the threat of poisoning from pesticides and natural toxins.

The Benefits of Getting Professional Ant Control

An ant problem requires a thorough solution to be eliminated effectively. When you involve a pest control professional, they’ll typically perform an inspection of your property to look for nests and determine the scope of the infestation.

Based on that inspection, they’ll have recommended methods to treat the current problem and prevent it from returning. That way you’re provided with a long-term solution. Many companies (like ours) also offer ant control techniques that are safe to use around children and pets.

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