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Termite Season Is Coming: How to Avoid an Infestation

As spring ushers in warmer days, we’ll begin to see the first signs of swarming termites. These winged pests will be searching for new places to start termite colonies. If they end up settling in your home, you could end up with severe property damage by the end of summer.

Are you worried about attracting termites to your home? Use these tips to make your property less attractive to termites this spring!

1. Clear away dead or decaying wood from your yard.

Most termites prefer to eat wood that has been somewhat “predigested.” Typically when wood decays, fungi will break down the cellulose contained in the wood, making it easier for termites to digest. Take some time to go through each area of your yard to remove fallen branches, logs, and stumps.

2. Keep your firewood stored in a dry place away from your home.

Lumber can be an attractive food source for termites. Plus, it can be especially easy for subterranean species to access if the woodpile is directly on the soil. Furthermore, if the woodpile is located right next to your home, the termites can then easily access your home. Make sure to keep firewood a minimum of 5 inches off the ground and store it at least 30 feet away from your house.

3. Keep your gutters clean.

If your gutters are clogged, water will flood over their sides when it rains. Failing to address this problem can lead to a water-damaged roof and siding. Once that wood gets soft and starts to rot, it will be a welcome invitation to hungry termites and other wood-destroying insects.

If nearby trees are constantly clogging your gutters, Gutter Guards can save you a lot of time and frustration. Not only do Gutter Guards prevent leaves from piling up in your gutters, but they also prevent pests from nesting there and using them as their private highway.

4. Fix drainage issues around your home.

Again, the key is to avoid excessively damp areas that could make your home soggy and inviting to termites. Some areas to watch out for are your foundation, siding, porch, and decking. If your yard or your gutters are allowing water to pool around these areas, consult a drainage solution expert to help you redirect that water before it causes significant damage .

Termite problems never solve themselves! If you suspect your home might have a termite infestation, don’t wait to contact Hoffman's Exterminating Co., Inc. for a thorough inspection: (800) 615-3920.