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mouse crawling out of hole in wall

Are Mice Making That Scratching Sound Inside My Walls?

It doesn’t take long for a minor rodent problem to become a rampant infestation. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you know how to tell if rodents are in your home. One of those clues is scratching sounds coming from behind your walls, above your ceiling, or inside your cabinets and cupboards.

Scratching Sounds Made by Mice or Rats

Mice and rats know that their best chance of survival is to remain unseen. Once they invade a home, they’ll often squeeze through existing gaps or chew new ones into drywall and baseboards so that they can travel and nest behind your walls.

The scratching sound that you hear is these rodents skittering along hard surfaces, as well as scratching and gnawing at wood, plaster, drywall, insulation, and more. You’ll typically hear this noise between dusk and dawn—when mice and rats are generally most active.

If your home has a rodent infestation, you’ll probably notice other signs as well, including:

  • Droppings (oftentimes in the pantry, under a leaky sink, or around food and water sources)
  • A stale ammonia smell created by rodent waste
  • Torn fabric, paper, upholstery, or insulation that rodents are harvesting for nest material
  • Tiny teeth marks on electrical wires, baseboards, furniture legs, and more

Other Animals That Make Scratching Sounds In Walls

Occasionally, other animals can also end up inside our homes and create scratching noises behind the walls. This starts to happen more frequently during fall when furry and feathered creatures start looking for shelter from the cold.

Squirrels, for instance, typically enter a home’s attic through vents and gaps in the roof. Chipmunks can also invade a home by squeezing through gaps in the foundation or digging into the crawl space. The undisturbed areas of your home can provide these rodents with a safe place for their winter food storage as well as a warm place for their series of extended wintertime naps. If you do hear scratching sounds caused by squirrels or chipmunks, it will most likely be during the daytime.

Reliable Solutions for Rodent and Wildlife Problems

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