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Termites Swarms Take Over Southern New Jersey

New Jersey is the home to the Eastern Subterranean termite which is known to send out termite swarmers from mature colonies. These swarmers are dark brown to black in color, have two distinct body parts, and 2 pairs of long translucent wings.

The job of a swarming termite is to mate and establish new colonies. While most people may think termite swarms only happen in the spring, an established colony may first send out a very large swarm, think thousands, initially, and then follow up with smaller swarms during the year making it possible for a termite swarm to happen at any time.

On June 14th, 2018 Southern New Jersey experienced a massive termite swarm as tens of thousands of termite swarmers emerged over Mullica Hill and surrounding areas. Reports from many Hoffman’s Exterminating customers, both new and old, claimed that their yards and homes were covered with these flying insects. The warm wet winter from 2017 to 2018 preceded with a perfectly damp spring, the perfect storm was created for this giant outburst of termites.

While treating a termite swarm with an unknown source of emergence is nearly impossible, Hoffman’s Exterminating can protect your home from future swarms coming from your property. We proudly install The Sentricon® System from Dow AgroSciences.

This system is known for its ability to provide total colony elimination while being minimally disruptive to homes, lawns, and landscaping, it does not degrade over time and can be installed around water sources and wells so protection can be provided to the most sensitive of environments, unlike conventional liquid treatments.

If your home or business is not protected from termites, call Hoffman’s Exterminating today for your inspection and estimate for The Sentricon® System. The environmentally responsible choice when treating a property for termites.