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Protect Your Home From Unwanted Animals This Autumn

As more housing developments go in throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey the more we are sharing our land with those creatures that lived there before us. These critters are now trying to make use of our homes as we chopped their down or tilled them over. A trash bag sitting alone outside or a tipped over trashcan can make for the new hot eating spot in town for animals such as raccoons and opossums. Chimneys that are not capped, lose soffits, and open areas under sheds and decks can make up for the vacant tree cavities that use to be the go-to spot for squirrels and groundhogs. Keep reading for some of our tips to secure your home this fall from unwanted occupants of your home or property!Chimney

Secure all opening on your home that could let these pesky house guests in. Start by inspection your house for any gaps, holes, loose vents or chimney caps, or cellar doors that do not seal right. Take the time to seal it right with wire mesh, caulk, or installing new fixtures. Raccoons can fit their whole body through a hole as small as 4 inches in diameter and squirrels do a great job of chewing small appealing holes into larger ones to fit through so it is important to take all size holes into consideration, not just the large ones.

Trim back any branches on trees that might extend close to your roof. These long branches make for the perfect highway for unwanted mammals to get on your roof. Branches that touch or rub up against your house can also make the perfect way for ants living in trees to skip your first floor and head right into your attic or 2nd floor and cause a mess.

Make sure your outside garbage cans are secure. A few ways to have secure trash cans include obtaining ones with locking lids in case they are knocked over, securing them to your home or fence via cording, or placing them inside a shed or outbuilding. While putting trash bins inside your garage sounds like a good idea these bins can also attract flies and gnats which may then travel into your home so a structure not connected to your house is better than a structure that is!

If you believe you have an unwanted critter entering your home give Hoffman’s Exterminating a call for an inspection and estimate. You can even put a request through our website and one of our friendly sales representatives will give you a call or email to schedule.