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Crickets, Centipedes, and Spiders, on My!

With the smell of autumn in the air, you might be dealing with what we call Perimeter Pests, also known as millipedes, centipedes, crickets, spiders, clover mites, earwigs, and ground beetles to our average customer. These pests can be an issue at any time of the year as they tend to frequently invade your home from the outside but can feel more prevalent with the change in weather between summer and fall. The average customer will not likely deal with an overwhelming infestation in their living area from any of these insects, unless conditions are right in basements, crawls, or an attached garage.

Hoffman’s regularly treats for perimeter pests with every preventive service we perform at our current client’s homes. At these services we not only treat for bugs but will help clean up after them such as removal of bee/wasp nests and of spider webs. Consistent treatment every 2 months during warmer weather helps to keep our client’s pest free and happy!Centipede

Our perimeter treatment to your home starts on the exterior, we apply a barrier around the base to keep the pests out. Almost every pest problem starts from the outside and we want our protection to start here too before your problem does! Hoffman’s trained professional technician will then treat around all areas around the home that pests might use as entry points. These points include, but are not limited to, around windows and doors, cracks and gaps around the foundation and siding, pipe and cable line entry points, and dryer vents. While doing all of this we keep our eyes out for any current infestations and treat the problem on the spot.

Hoffman’s Exterminating is prideful of having customers with pest-free homes. If you wish for your home to be pest-free contact us today via our website or phone! We would love to talk to you about what we can offer you as part of Hoffman’s family of clients!