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South Jersey Bat Exclusion Season

Bat exclusion season is almost upon us! On August 1st Hoffman’s and other New Jersey pest control companies are allowed to start providing bat exclusion services to homes and businesses. Since the end of April many new and old clients have come to Hoffman’s in hopes of us getting the bats out of their attics and roofs but due to New Jersey regulations protecting bats our services for these clients have been kept on hold. These regulations keep us, and other bat experts, from shutting bats out of their temporary homes till birth and rearing season is over.Open mouthed bat

Once August starts Hoffman’s will be able to install bat one-way exit tubes on buildings inhabited by bats to allow their exit from the structure but not re-entry. Along with installing these one-way tubes our trained technicians also seal up any other cracks and crevices on the home that would allow a bat to gain entry back into the area it once lived in. These areas that we seal can be as small as a quarter of an inch! As you can imagine, if you got kicked out of your home, bats are going to try hard to get back into the areas that they once lived in. It is important we do this detailed sealing process to prevent any future infestations in a home. After 1-2 weeks of our special tubes being up, we return to a property, remove the tubes, and perform a final sealing to the areas where the tubes used to hang.

Some signs might be scratching in walls or ceilings, evidence of bat guano in attic spaces, or physically seeing them leave at dusk and return at dawn. If you are worried you might have a bat colony living in your home please contact Hoffman’s today to schedule a free inspection and estimate! The sooner we can inspect your home the sooner we can provide you with an exclusion. Even though bat season for the fall is just starting the period of time is still relatively short till hibernation starts and then Hoffman’s will not be able to exclude again till April!