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Hoffman’s Featured in the Current of Egg Harbor Township

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — The Howard family was not too surprised when they saw a few bees circling their front door one afternoon in mid-June. It is summer, after all.Bee trapped in box

Mother Jessica Howard said that morning, all was normal outside of their Treetop Lane home, but by later in the afternoon as she and her younger son Owen, 5, opened the front in the afternoon to get her older son Sean, 9, from his bus, they noticed one bee as it flew into the house.

“I trapped it between the front doors and went to step outside, but Owen said, ‘Wait, mommy, there’s a lot of bees out there.’ At that point there were several bees, and we had to walk through the garage to get outside.”

While certainly an inconvenience, the few bees were nothing too strange for this season. However, by that evening, the few turned into the hundreds, all swarming by their front door. By the next afternoon, there were thousands.