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Bed Bugs, Closer to South Jersey Than You May Know

Bed bugs seem to be everywhere these days. Not only in private homes but apartments, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, government buildings, vacation spots, even cruise ships. With Orkin’s recent list of top 50 bed bug cities out ( it is uncomfortable to know that Baltimore and DC, 2 very close cities, are number 1 and 2 respectively. Other close cities are New York at number 4 and Philadelphia at number 9. Luckily for many Philadelphia dropped in the ranks by 3 in 2016. It is important to note that these numbers come from both commercial and residential clients of Orkin’s.

Please know that bed bugs do not discriminate, from the richest homes and hotels to public housing, bed bugs can make their home anywhere we frequent. Bud bugs are hitchhikers and make their way around by climbing on humans and their belongings. They do not fly or jump but simply crawl. The one thing bed bugs do not bring with them is disease as there have been no known transfers of any disease via a bed bug bite.

Planning on traveling to any city this year in the top 50? Remember when you check into a hotel to put your luggage in the bathroom first as this is one of the least likely places bed bugs will be. Second, check the mattress, couches, and chairs for any stains from bed bug feces, exoskeletons, or bugs themselves. Once you have cleared the room now it is safe to bring in your things!

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