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South Jersey Wildlife Control Methods

Nuisance wildlife control methods can vary greatly depending upon the pest involved and where they are located. Below are some different methods that Hoffman’s uses for controlling or removing wildlife…Squirrel in Cage

–          Repellents: these change the behavior of an animal. The repellent Hoffman’s uses the most is snake repellent, it is chemical-based and detours snakes from wanting to travel across it to an area. Normally this is applied to the perimeter of a property to prevent snakes.

–          One-way doors: these are devices that allow exit but no re-entry of a pesky animal. They are not always doors, sometimes they are plastic or mesh cones/tubes, or even netting. Hoffman uses these many times for squirrels and bats. We attach them to the point of entry on a structure so that when the animal left to feed it cannot get back in.

–          Live traps: Hoffman’s trapping is always meant for the good of both our client and the animal. Live traps function by use of a cage with a door that is triggered by a pest stepping on a pedal while attempting to get to the food we placed inside. Once triggered the door closes trapping the animal inside. We may then collect the trap and relocate the animal to a new environment several miles away for the location where we trapped it. This helps to prevent the animal from finding its way back. Live trapping works well with squirrels, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, and skunks.

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