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Lady Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, & Stink Bugs Oh My!

As the weather quickly changes and we go from summer to fall so do the pests. The spiders come out in full force decorating for Halloween, the mice try to head in from the fields, and the stink bugs gather on your home. If you were thinking about pest control for fall, now is the time to act!

Starting in September, as the sun starts to shift in the sky, homeowners may notice insects such as lady beetles/bugs, boxelder bugs, and stink bugs collecting on the sunny sides of your house or sheds. These pests are known as primary fall invaders and the walls they gather on are normally south to south-west facing and have been warmed by the sun, but as these walls start to cool the bugs start to move and most of the time they choose inside your home or office. Sometimes they can be so numerous that they can cover doors and windows completely!

These invaders put up a tough fight as they can be tiny or flat enough to fit under a doorway or small opening, fly awkwardly through an open door or window when you are not looking, or sneak through attic vents that are not properly screened. It is almost impossible to prevent these bugs from gaining entry. If you are up for the battle to reduce these pests in your home start with caulking and sealing possible entry points such as around windows and doors, under siding, and exterior fixtures such as lights. Also, take a look in your attic to makes sure all vents are screened and all soffits are in place.

To help win the battle against these fall invaders along with mice, and spiders, call Hoffman’s today for a free inspection and estimate for pest control so that we can battle what bugs you!