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South Jersey Spiders on the Move

With less than a week till Halloween, many homeowners are finishing their decorating in preparation for the trick-or-treaters, but if you find yourself running into more invisible spider webs than store-bought ones you might have an arachnid issue.

Spiders may seem like more of an autumn pest but they are really around all year long. During the spring and summer, many young spiders spend their time in gardens and areas with a large number of bugs where they can grow strong. When the fall comes around and they have grown into adults many spiders have to branch out from their summer habitat, where the food is dwindling and their protective plants are dying, to build webs on your home, shed, and mailbox. Some spiders even move inside, yuck! These webs make us all realized how many spiders are really around your home every day.

If you run into a spider in your home, don’t panic, the most common spiders in New Jersey are the American House Spider, the Yellow Sac Spider, and the Wolf Spider. All of these are non-venomous to humans.

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