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Protecting Your South Jersey Home From Spiders

For many spiders can be a very beneficial insect as they help to control other insect populations such as flies, mosquitoes, and plant-eating insects. Having a healthy population of spiders around a garden can be very beneficial to the plants, as long as you can put up with their webs!Spider

When a spider crosses the line into your home there can be many other thoughts about them, most of freight or disgust. The good news is you can help manage the spider population in your home by following our suggestions below!

–          Watch what you bring into your home: spiders many times hitch-hike in on plants, firewood, boxes, and seasonal decorations. If you need to bring any of these insides make sure to give them a good shake or vacuum to make sure no spiders are hiding out.

–          Seal cracks in the foundation, around windows, doors, and other parts of your home. Being pro-active and keeping out spiders is always easier than getting rid of them once inside. This helps against other pests as well!

–          Keep your foundation leaf free: heavy vegetation around your foundation or leaf litter makes a great home for spiders and the insects they eat. If you invite them to live right next to your home the greater the chance they will move inside.

–          Change your outdoor lighting: more and more homes are using cool colored lighting on the outside of their home, as this may make your home look more appealing they also attract more bugs. More bugs mean more food for spiders, hence more spider webs! Change your outside light bulbs over to warm or yellow tones light bulbs. When possible try to place lighting fixtures farther away from doors and windows as the closer they are the more likely bugs will enter when doors and windows are open and shut.

–          Keep Storage areas clutter-free: try to use plastic containers for storage first as these are harder to get into for pests. From there keep boxes and containers off the floor so the area can be easily cleaned. Regular vacuuming in both storage areas and living areas of your home can help suck up spiders where they are hiding. Cleaning up webs on both the interior and exterior of your home can also help to detour spiders from living there.

If you are still having spiders issues do not hesitate to call Hoffman’s today for your free inspection and estimate. We also perform preventative treatments to make sure you do not have any un-expected house pests for the Holidays!