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Pavement Ants

This is the time of year where the ants that you see building nests along cracks in sidewalks, driveways, and roads. These ants are called Pavement ants. These ants are brown to black and are between 2.5 to 3mm long. They are best recognizable for the mounds of dirt they leave on top of the pavement they nest under. The dirt that makes up these mounds has been excavated from their nest, sometimes dead ants or parts can be found in these piles as well.Pavement Ants

Even tho these ants seem to prefer pavement they also have a tendency to nest under logs, stones, boards, patios made of pavers or bricks, or along with building foundations. When they invade a building they are regularly found under floors, inside insulation, and inside walls.

Pavement ants are not aggressive, they are docile and prefer to avoid confrontation rather than getting defensive. Their defensive attack move is not biting like most ants, but stinging via a stinger on their abdominal segment. With this said it is good to know that it is very rare to have a pavement ant sting a human.

The main sign of a pavement ant infestation is finding workers foraging for food and most of the time this is in the kitchen where they are attracted to grease or food that is not in tightly sealed containers.

Pavement ant infestations can be difficult to eliminate. Before it gets out of hand contact Hoffman’s for an ant control program to meet your needs.