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Battling the Ant Colony Outside of Your South Jersey Home, Not Just the Ants Inside

Ants can be one of the peskiest insects to get rid of in homes, and not just for home owners but for pest control technicians too! Unlike mice infestations where if caught early there can be just one or two creatures that have entered a dwelling, with ants it can be tens to hundreds, in the worst situation thousands. Where with mice we can set a few bait stations or snap traps and quickly eliminate the issue, with ants it can take several treatments and multiple products.

Why can’t they be eliminated quickly? This is a question we receive many times. Unless we can easily find the problem colony that is sending foraging ants into your home, we have to treat the problem and not the source. The good news is we have products that help us destroy that hidden colony while using their own foraging ants against them.

Ant baits are a product that is used frequently by pest control technicians. This product allows us to use the foraging ants to destroy a colony by letting them take the poisonous food back to their colony to share with others. Another product that is used frequently is called a non-repellant pesticide, this is normally a liquid treatment that is sprayed down and is undetectable to ants. When the foraging ants walk across it they pick some of it up, when they get back to their colony their normal instinct is to rub against their colony members, when this happens they also transfer the chemical they picked up. Both treatment methods not only kills the ant that came into your home but some of his relatives back at the colony as well.

If you suffer with constant ant infestations year after year, think about contacting a pest professional for an ongoing service program to help eliminate the colony. Hoffman’s programs provide coverage not just for ants, but for spiders, crickets, mice, and a whole lot more. Contact us today for your free inspection and estimate.