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South Jersey Termite Swarm Season


The weather is starting to warm across the area and as many people expect the spring showers to bring flowers, the staff at Hoffman’s are expecting termites!

Why, you may ask, well warm temperatures and heavy rainfall trigger swarms of subterranean termites. A swarm is sent out from an established colony, normally 3-5 years old, and is made up of winged and ready to reproduce males and females. These swarmers are frequently mistaken for flying ants. It is important to know that termite swarmers are smaller than flying ants, their antenna is straight, and they have 4 wings that are all the same size. Flying ants on the other hand have bent antennae and have 2 large wings in the front and 2 smaller wings behind them. Another fun fact is that after mating, termite swarmer’s land and shed their wings. The wings can sometimes be found in piles and can look like fish scales. The goal of a termite swarm is to go out in search of suitable habitat for a new colony. It is important to note the location of where a termite swarm is coming from as it can be one of the few signs of a termite infestation in a home or business.

If you don’t feel like being your own entomologist, or a scientist that studies insects like our own Bill Hoffman, give us a call for a professionally trained technician to visit your property for a free inspection and estimate to meet all of your pest needs.