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South Jersey Termite Prevention


There are many things to worry about when owning a home but if your home is made out of wood one item that should be on your mind is termites. According to the Nation Pest Management Association, termites annually cost Americans more than $5 billion in damage. Termites are considered the top threat to wood-based structures, over fire, flood, and wind.

There are 2 main species of termites that may affect your home in the United States, subterranean (underground) termites and wood (dry wood) termites.

White subterranean termite colonies build their colonies in the soil, dry wood termite colonies are mainly found in the framing of homes. If infestations escalate dry wood termites and even be found in furniture and hardwood flooring.  While dry wood termites are mainly found in the southern U.S., subterranean termites are found in every state, excluding Alaska.

If you are worried about getting termites in your home contact a termite specialist, like Hoffman’s Exterminating, for a free inspection and estimate for preventative termite control.