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3 Signs to Know When They Are in Your Home

1-      Discarded Wings

Discarded Wings

Leftover termite wings from swarmers can often be found near closed doors, windows, and other home access points. These wings will all be the same size, unlike a flying ant. Why? After a termite swarmer has left its colony to find a new home they twist off their wings as they are no longer needed to build a new colony.

2-      Mud Tubes

Mud Tubes

These are mud like trails normally found where the ground meets a structure or possible food source. They are about the width of a pencil and are made by termites to travel through and block out cool, dry air, as termites like warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels. They can also be found on joists in basements or sills around the home.

3-      Wood Damage

Wood Damage

This is normally found in the structural wood of home and can be hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings. Termites eat the cellulose out of wood by chewing threw it. As they do this they leave behind long groves. Over time these grooves weaken the wood creating structural damage.

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