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Helping Bats in Southern New Jersey

Bat infestations can be annoying and pricey to get rid of, but having bats around is important for our ecosystem. Did you know a single little brown bat can consume up to 1,200 insects the size of a mosquito in an hour and up to 3,000 insects in a single night?! Female bats that are nursing young can eat up to 4,500 insects every night, this can be more than their own bodyweight! Many of these insects that are consumed include ants, termites, roaches, corn earworms, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, cucumber beetles, and leafhoppers.

Bats are very helpful to the farmers and residents of New Jersey and allow the use of fewer pesticides when protecting our homes and crops form insects. Did you know that we can be just as helpful to bats? New Jersey has protected many sites across the state for bats. One is the Hibernia Mine in Rockaway Township, Morris County, and is currently knows as the largest hibernaculum, or wintering site, for bats in the state.

On a local level, the installation of bat houses helps to increase the amount of suitable habitat for bats as they are evicted from homes and structures during bat exclusions. They also help as bat colonies divide to form new ones. Bat houses are an artificial roosting structure, just like a birdhouse is for a bird, that provides bats with a suitable location for a colony to establish a home. These houses can be mounted on the sides of buildings, trees, or on posts. Depending upon what type of bat you wish to house there are many different types of houses that can be built or be bought, even on websites such as If you are interested in building your own and want to know more about the placement of it or one that is purchased try the following websites:

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