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Bat-Proofing Your South Jersey Home

As a Pest Control Company, Hoffman’s gets many mixed reactions when clients find out they have bats in their home, especially during a time of year when we cannot remove them from a property. Some clients don’t mind at all while others mind very much. Hoffman’s tries to work with every client during the time we are preparing our estimate for eviction and exclusion of bats from a structure to insure we have the best possible plan down before our work and bat exclusion season start. Here are somethings we keep in mind when inspecting and bat-proofing a property…

  • Bats can squeeze through openings as small as 3/8 of an inch which them allows them to get into many tight spaces. When we are planning out an exclusion we look at every gap ¼ of an inch wide or more and come up with a plan on how to seal it.
  • Bats roots in dark & undisturbed areas such as attics and wall spaces. It is important any entry points to these spaces are located for sealing. Such openings include near the roof edge, under eaves, soffits, or loose boards, openings around roof vents, and cracks and crevices around chimneys.
  • Behind shutters or wood facades is another place that must be examined. It can be trickier to know bats might be here as clients don’t always hear them from inside.
  • Evidence of bats without actually finding bats are droppings (guano) in localized area, or rub marks on siding or trim near an entry points. The rub marks are actually the oil from the bats skin rubbing off on a surface. Looking for these marks helps us to determine any secret entrances the bats might have.

If you know you have bats and are worried about them getting into your home it is important to take some time to bat-proof your interior. Bat proofing consists of sealing spaces around attic doors to insure a tight fit, using caulking or flashing around windows and door frames to insure all cracks are sealed, and using door sweeps or draft guards on the bottoms of all exterior doors. Not only are you helping to keep bats and other pests out by doing this but you are also helping your home to become more energy efficient.

If you are interested in having a free inspection done to your home for bats or other pests, please contact us at (800) 615-3920 or via our website today!