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Treating Bed Bugs in Southern New Jersey

There are several methods out there forĀ controlling bed bugs, with all of them it is important to know there is no 1 quick fix. Bed bugs take time patience to eradicate no matter if a chemical or non-chemical method is being used. Both chemical and non-chemical methods can work overtime but what has found to be the most effective is a combination of both methods. When you combine methods from both forms of treatment it is called integrated pest management.Beetle

Hoffman uses integrated pest management for ourĀ bed bug treatments. Our managers are constantly looking at what chemicals we use to perform treatments to make sure what is being used is working. We also engage the client in helping us with non-chemical methods such as vacuuming areas thoroughly to remove bed bugs and eggs. We also stress the importance of mattress and box spring encasements, both are available from Hoffman’s, in order to keep any bed bugs in and any new bed bugs out. Other non-chemical methods are placing monitors under the feet of bed frames, glue monitors to catch them around the edges of a room, having clients put anything they can in the dryer on high for an hour to kill and bed bugs or eggs, and reducing as much clutter as possible so that bed bugs have very few places to hide.

Overall, getting rid of bed bugs is only successful when a client and a pest control company work together to help eradicate the issue and in the end, all patience and hard work will pay off.