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South Jersey Travel Tips – How to Avoid Bed Bugs


As spring quickly approaches and travel plans are made for both spring break and summer vacations here are some travel tips to keep in mind if you are worried about picking up bed bugs along the way:

  1. When packing thinks about putting any valuables that cannot easily be cleaned in a sealable plastic bag, such as a zip-lock bag. Items you should consider doing this with are books and dry-clean-only items.
  2. Bring a small flashlight with you to inspect any rooms you are staying in. First, leave your luggage by the door or place it in the bathroom and inspect the luggage rack, mattress (after removing the sheets), and headboard for any sign of bedbugs (live or dead bedbugs, fecal spotting, castings, or eggs).
  3. Always use luggage racks, after inspection, to hold your bags rather than putting it on the floor or bed.
  4. When you arrive home unpack directly into a washing machine. Make sure to dry all clothes in the dryer as the high temperature of the dryer kills bedbugs, washing normally does not kill them.
  5. Inspect your suitcase after emptying it, vacuuming it out is another precaution you can take. Luggage should always be stored away from your bedroom. The suggested areas are a garage or basement. NEVER store suitcases under a bed. You can even store your suitcase in a large plastic, and sealed, bag so nothing can get in or out of it between uses.
  6. If you believe you found a bed bug take pictures and save it in a plastic container or zip-lock bag. Do not dispose of the bug until a professional has looked at it.
  7. If you are traveling alert your host of the potential issue so the proper measures can be taken. If you are home call a pest professional to diagnose the issues.

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