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South Jersey Bed Bug Information

How to Watch for Bedbugs in Your South Jersey Home

In 2015 Hoffman’s Exterminating was called out to inspect more than 160 homes and businesses across Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for bed bugs. In light infestations we find bedbugs in the seams of mattresses, hiding around screws and bolts of bed frames, and in joints in the frame. In heavier infestations we have found bed bugs in a variety of areas from curtain rods, behind curled up wallpaper, shoes, clock radios, and many other areas.

While low-level infestations can be much more challenging to identify it is very important to catch it early so that a population cannot become fully established or spread. If you are a frequent traveler or come in contact with people that travel frequently here are 3 simple tasks to add to your everyday routine to help monitor for a bed bug infestation:

1-      Are you waking up with any bites on your body? Remember that not only bedbugs bite but other insects such as carpet beetles and spiders could also bite you in your sleep as well so don’t go by this sign only! Some people don’t react at all to bug bites so don’t knock this clue out either!

2-      Inspect your sheets, are you finding small blood spots on them or your pillowcase? As bed bugs try to feed at night you, the host might roll over during or after feeding a squish one and the meal the bed bug just had would leave a stain.

3-      Change your sheets weekly and take this opportunity to inspect the mattress and box spring. Take a look at the seams, behind tags, and plastic corners. Any crack a credit card can be stuck in can fit a bed bug. Bed bugs are large enough you can see them and can get to be the size of a shelled sunflower seed.

By taking these few extra steps for early detection of a minor infestation, while an inconvenience, is less costly and easier to treat than a widespread infestation.

If you have any doubts in what you are seeing contact Hoffman’s today at 800-615-3920 or via for a free in-home inspection.