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South Jersey Bed Bug Facts – 10 Things Homeowners Should Know

You might have gone to bed as a child hearing from your parents, or the other way around “good night, don’t let the bed bug bite!” Many think of this as an old wives' tale of a pest that used to be but is no longer around. Sadly, since the early 2000s bed bugs are on the rise again with the increase in travel across the world this phrase might hit a little too close to home. To start off our series on bed bugs here are some facts:Beetle

–          Bed bugs are small, oval insects that feed on human blood.

–          Bed bugs have a tick like an appearance but DO NOT jump and DO NOT have wings

–          Their life cycle ranges from at egg, 5 different nymph stages with molting between each stage, and a final adult stage.

–          Bed bugs are not exclusively found on beds, they can be found anywhere from folds on couch cushions, under baseboards, or in outlet sockets.

–          They are most active at night and are attracted to warmth, moisture, and carbon dioxide released from warm-blooded animals at night.

–          The most often bitten areas are exposed areas such as face, neck, arms, and hands.

–          Bites from bed bugs can look very similar to bites from other insects such as fleas or mosquitos.

–          Reactions from bites can vary widely among people from little to no reaction to lesions, bumps, or pustules.

–          They are not known to spread disease and do not pose any major health risk but allergic reactions require medical attention.

–          It does not matter if your home is dirty or clean, bedbugs do not gravitate to one over the other.

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