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Yellow Jackets of Southern New Jersey

Yellowjackets are one type of wasp that has a variety of different homes they like to make. Yellowjackets have been found to be nesting in the ground, in an aerial nest in a tree or on a house, or in a hollow space or cavity.

Yellowjacket nests in cavities or voids are normally found in trees and buildings. They find these voids by going through small holes in siding, cracks around exterior lamps, breaks in trim work, gaps around soffits, or holes in roofs. It is very important when treating a yellow jacket nest in a void to never seal the hole until you are 100% sure there is no more activity and the nest is dead. A sealed live nest of yellow jackets can cause a hazard inside the structure for any humans involved as the members of the nest will try to escape through any other void in the structure that they can find. When swarming out of a trapped nest they can cause a stinging hazard.

When yellow jackets nest under the ground they typically choose places with a sheltered entrance like under porch steps, between cracks in the sidewalk, under decks, or at the base of trees or bushes. Ariel nests look like they are made of paper and are found on bushes, low-hanging branches, or corners of buildings.

Yellowjacket adults live on other insects such as caterpillars and grubs. Sweet sap from trees, fruit, and nectar is also a popular choice. Yellowjackets can frequently be found around garbage as they are attracted to the sweats and meats of human food.

Yellowjacket prevention is as easy as keeping lids on trash cans and the exterior clean as to not attract pests, promptly cleaning up any fallen fruit from fruiting trees and bushes, and making sure your home is tightly sealed so there are no small holes available for yellow jackets to enter.

If you are worried your home or property might have a yellow jacket infestation, contact Hoffman’s office for a free inspection and estimate to determine the right treatment plan for you.