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Mites, Birds, Bats, and Bugs on My!

There are many different types of ectoparasite or a parasite that lives on the outside of its host, in New Jersey. Some of the easily most thought of are fleas, ticks, and lice. Some less thought of are bird mites and bat bugs. Did you know that seeing bird mites or bat bugs could be a sign of bird or bat problems around your home?Bird

In the springtime, many clients call Hoffman’s with complaints of birds nesting in or around their home. It does not matter if the birds leave on their own or if we come out to remove them there could be an infestation of bird mites left. When the birds, the mites host, leave the nest after rearing their young the mites that are left in the nest then try to move out to find a new host. Many times we find clients with these coming out of bathroom fans, through windows, or on a deck depending upon where the nest was located. Luckily we can treat for those!

Another ectoparasite we find ourselves treating for mainly in the through warmer months are bat bugs. Bat bugs can easily be confused with bed bugs as they have a very similar appearance with the naked eye. To confirm the difference they must be examined under a microscope. Sometimes during an initial inspection of a property, it can be easily determined what kind of bug it is. If there is the main population-focused around a bed in a bedroom this is most likely bed bugs. If they are being found around windows or attic accesses a further inspection is needed to the exterior and attic. If bats are found to be present on the property these are most likely bat bugs.

Why are bat bugs going into houses? It is a similar situation to bird mites. When bats leave their roosting site and there is no longer a food source for the bat bug if forced to go out in search of a meal. Will bat bugs feed on humans and other warm-bodied animals? Yes, their bite can form a reaction similar to a mosquito bite but it is not dangerous. Bat bugs and bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases.

The treatment and management for bat bugs versus bed bugs are vastly different. The treatment of bed bugs can be very involved and complicated. On the other hand bat bug removal is relatively simple with removing bats from the property and protecting the structure from future infestations but sometimes this is easier said than done.

If you are worried about bats, birds, or bed bugs at your property¬†contact Hoffman’s today for a free inspection and estimate!