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Residential Bird Control in Southern New Jersey

Birds are not often considered pests to homeowners, but when they decide to make a home out of your home they can be exasperating! One of the most common ways birds try to enter homes is through dryer and bathroom vent outlets on the sides and roofs of homes. Overtime louvers on these vents become brittle and break over time or get stuck open with debris such as dryer lint. In the Spring, as birds are looking for nesting sites, small birds will often find these warm open vents and choose to make a nest in them.Bird in grass

Hoffman has the ability and the tools to clean out bird debris, sterilize areas, replace broken vent covers, add plastic or wire bird vent guards, and replace damaged ductwork for these vents.

If you are worried about birds entering your home or have a broken vent that you cannot reach, call Hoffman’s today for a free inspection and estimate to fix these areas before birds make a home out of yours!