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South Jersey Rodent Alert – Beware of Mice and Rats

Here’s Why Rodents Invade Homes in South Jersey 

As temperatures begin to decline rodents will begin to look for warmer places to nest.  Right now they have a comfortable area outside that provides them with a living environment they enjoy.  As winter sets in your home become a very attractive place for them to relocate because it provides them with the same life-sustaining necessities you require, food, water, and shelter.  Rodents sense the seasonal change so as they forage for food and water they begin to look for openings in and around your home.  Cracks under your garage door, holes around pipes and electrical wires entering your foundation, and gaps under the first tier of the siding provide a perfect entryway.  Once they enter, the insulation provides an excellent nesting area, your kitchen a nice feeding area and water condensation on the pipes provides ample drinking water for rodents.

This time of year is when you should take a survey of the areas surrounding you home.  If you live near a wooded area pay special attention to what you place in your yard.  A woodpile, high grass, and leaves provide perfect nesting areas.  Bird feeders, dog food or any animal food provide all the nutrition a rodent needs.  Last, ponds, birdbaths, fountains and any standing water will attract a thirsty rodent.  It’s important to seal any cracks larger than the size of a dime to seal proof your home against rodents.

If you suspect a rodent in your home it’s best to call a professional.  Rodent traps work well but the number of traps and the placement is critical.  An expert can also provide a thorough inspection that will reveal entry points as well as conducive conditions.  When using poison it’s essential to know how much to use, where you can and cannot use, and what the potential dangers are in secondary poisoning.  If misplaced a pet or non-target animal can easily become ill if they ingest a dose of rodenticide.  Again, it’s best to rely on a professional.  Typically, your family-owned and operated businesses have a good idea of your neighborhood and geographical area.