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South Jersey Pest Alert – Fall Pest Invaders

As we approach fall you may think your pest issues are coming to an end.  It’s true that the cooling temperatures will slow down some pest pressures but not all.  In fact, many pests reach their maturity right before the summer ends.  For instance, crickets are small in size when they hatch and grow through the summer and finally mature at the end of summer.  When they are small, they enter your home through small cracks and crevices.  Once mature they make the most noise and are hard to find.  A pest control operator will treat the inside and outside of your home to eradicate these pests.Branded Van

Another pest that matures this time of year is the bat.  In NJ it is illegal to sell out bats during the months of May, June, and July.  This is because the young bats are too small to forage for food so they would die without their mother.  Bats come out at night and return before morning so you don’t always see them enter your home.  They tend to enter higher areas through small cracks and roost inside the home, usually the attic.  They can also roost behind shutters and gable vents and not necessarily inside the home.  If you suspect bats in your home you can sit outside at dusk and watch for activity.  If you call a professional a thorough inspection can be made on the inside and outside of the home.

A hornet nest reaches its maturity at the end of the summer.  Many times the baldfaced hornet nest goes undetected when it is small especially when it is located in a bush or hedge.  The nest becomes more visible when it grows in size and the members of the group increase.  These hornets are aggressive and dangerous in large numbers.  If you come across a nest you need to call a professional so it can be treated and removed safely.

Recently, nests were found in Northfield, Linwood, and Somers Point in South Jersey.