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Southern New Jersey Termite Treatment Report

Now is a good time to treat for termites.  Most people don’t know that termites are active 365 days a year.  Even in the colder months termites are foraging for food to support their colony.  As temperatures drop and the ground starts to freeze termites will go deeper into the ground or stay around structures that provide warmth.  Your home is one of those structures and termites will survive under slabs, near foundations that are heated during the winter and they love firewood stacked next to the house.Termite

It only takes about a half-hour for a professional to inspect your home for wood-destroying insects.  Termites are the most common and should be treated at the first sign of activity.  If detected, a termite baiting system can easily be installed.  Termite baiting systems allow the pest control operator to install a termite bait on the first visit.  The bait is contained in plastic monitoring devices that are installed around your home next to the foundation.  The same places termites are foraging during the winter months.  Once the termites consume the bait it’s only a matter of time before the colony is eliminated.

With this new technology, there is no reason why you should not have your home protected from termites.  It’s an inexpensive, non-invasive alternative to the liquid treatments offered in the past.  Contact Hoffman’s Exterminating for more information or to schedule your free inspection.