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South Jersey Flea Exterminator Issues Alert on Fleas

Did you know that most insect pressures are cyclical?  That’s right, insects and pests go through periods of time when they are stronger and more persistent.  For example, the flea is making a comeback.  A few years ago the pharmaceutical industry came out with a few products that you treat your animal with and this delivered a devastating blow to the flea population.  For years we enjoyed home and animal-free of fleas.  However, nature works in amazing ways, and just recently the flea has begun to build up immunity to these products.  It’s the flea’s way of avoiding extinction.  We have been receiving calls from places like Somers Point, Linwood, and Northfield, New Jersey experiencing flea problems.  Here are some ways to protect yourself from a growing flea population.

If you have been using one product on your pet consistently it’s time to switch products.  Some of them work in different ways and switching may have an effect that the flea has yet to build up immunity to.  It may be a good idea to rotate different products.

Have your yard treated by a pest control professional.  Fleas are always lurking around the outside of your home.  They are also looking for a blood meal from passing animals or even people.  Once your dog or cat picks up a flea it’s likely it will bring it into your home.  By having your yard treated it limits the possibility that your pet will bring something inside.

Once you suspect you may have fleas the vacuum should become your friend.  Like friends, you should spend a lot of time with it making sure you pick up as many things from the floor as possible.  Vacuum three to four times a day and be certain to throw away the vacuum bag each time.  If you do vacuum up fleas they can breed in the bag and escape into your carpet.

Have your home treated by a professional.  Even the best vacuum will not pick up all the flea eggs and larva.  You should have a minimum of two treatments because the first treatment should knock down the adults but the eggs will hatch and a second treatment should be performed.  Your local, family-owned, and operated pest control professional is your best option.

Comb your pet regularly.  This will give you an idea of how bad a problem you have.  You can also remove the fleas from your pet.  You can purchase a flea comb from any local pet store.  This comb is fine enough to pick up even the smallest of fleas.