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Why Not to Try Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control

In South Jersey winter is setting in and everyone is gearing up for the holidays, especially mice and rats.  Sometimes, all it takes is to set a mouse trap and catch the one rodent that found its way into your house.  But if you suspect there is more than one it’s time to call a professional.  This time of year rodents search for food and a warm shelter, usually your home.  Keep in mind that your home probably is not sealed tight and a mouse only needs an opening the size of a dime to enter.  Where there is one, there is probably more.  If a pregnant female finds its way in you can expect the rest of the family will soon be running around the house.

There are many reasons it’s wise to call a professional and most of the time it involves the safety of you, your pets and children.  There are two popular ways to eliminate mice from a structure.  The most common is the trusty mouse trap.  Again, if you are dealing with one mouse you can probably eliminate it pretty quickly with a mouse trap baited with a dab of peanut butter.  However, if there are more than one a professional will determine where the traps should be placed, how many traps should be used, where the mice are entering the home, are exterior traps needed and should other methods, (other than traps), be used.  These are all important elements to eliminating mice and keeping them from coming back.  If traps are not placed properly they can attract pets and children and cause potential injury.

The second most popular way to control mice is with rodenticide.  Rodenticide is a poison mixed with palatable bait that mice ingest.  Over-the-counter poison can be fatal to pets and children if enough is consumed.  Keep in mind that it takes several feedings for mice to succumb to an over-the-counter product.  Placement of this product is critical because even if it is placed out of the reach of children mice sometimes relocate the poison to areas accessible to children and pets.

Calling a professional may cost a bit more than trying to eliminate rodents on your own but ask yourself if the risk is worth it.  When it comes to the safety of your home and family the decision is an easy one.  A family owned and operated pest control professional is recommended as they are familiar with your home, neighborhood and their surroundings.

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