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Termite Exterminator Shares 3 Ways to Inspect for Termites

Termite Inspection for South Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania Homeowners

While you are doing your spring cleaning and yard clean up you might want to add another chore to your list.  A termite self-assessment can save you a ton of money in repairs if you catch their activity early enough.  So, where do you begin?

First, Do a Quick Inspection of the Exterior of Your Home.

If your foundation wall is exposed, look for termite tubes, (also called termite mud tunnels).  These tubes can vary in size but are usually the thickness of a pencil.  Termites travel inside these tubes and construct them as they continuously search for food.  These tubes will come from the ground and will go up the side of your home on the foundation wall.  If you see these tunnels call an exterminator to verify they are from termites.

Second, Check All the Cellulose Material Around Your Home.

Any wood, paper, or cardboard in direct contact with the soil is a potential food source for termites.  Examples are firewood, decorative railroad ties, scrap wood, flower boxes, old mulch, stumps, etc.  Turn these items over to expose the surface touching the soil.  If you see little white termite workers quickly accumulate a few samples and show them to an exterminator or proper identification.  You can also flip over concrete items such as gutter downspout splash blocks, decorative stepping stones or concrete blocks and look for worker termites.  Although termites won’t eat these items, the sun warms the stone or concrete and termites enjoy the warmth they provide.

Third, This Is the Time of Year Termite’s Swarm.

The reproductive’s grow wings and swarm out of the colony to start new colonies.  Sometimes they can come out by the thousands.  This can take place inside your home or out in the yard depending upon where the termite colony is located.  If you see any kind of winged insects take a sample by placing the insects in a zip lock bag, small jar, or on a piece of cellophane tape.

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