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Conventional Liquid Termite Treatments

  1. Proven Results – Termite treatments have been performed for many of decades.  The traditional method involving liquid termiticide has provided protection against termites with outstanding results.  This conventional treatment involves digging a small trench along the foundation wall of your structure or if concrete is present, drilling small holes along the foundation wall in an effort to get to the soil underneath.  Liquid termiticide is then introduced to the soil.
  2. Long Lasting Protection – Once the termiticide adheres to the soil, it stay put.  If the soil goes undisturbed, you have a protection barrier that can last many years.  A continuous barrier stays in place and there is no need to re-apply the material each year.  If you decide to sell your home, the protection and peace of mind, is transferred to the new owner.
  3. Instant Results – At the time of treatment the liquid barrier starts to work almost immediately.  There is no delay in waiting for the termites to run into a bait formulation.  The uniform protection can stop termites from feeding on your home instantly.
  4. Transfer effect – Termidor is Hoffman’s termiticide of choice.  There are two types of termiticides, repellents and non-repellents.  We have had much more success with non-repellents.  This means the termites can enter a treated zone and not detect the treated area.  The termites become infected and then slowly transfer this to the other termites in the colony.  Eventually, all the termites in the colony are infected.
  5. Cost – With new research comes additional costs.  Most bait treatments are more expensive than traditional treatments.  Therefore, you may be able to save yourself some money on the initial treatment as well as the annual renewals.  This will depend on which termiticide and which bait is being used.