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Carpenter Bees Damage Homes in Frazer, PA

It happens every late spring or early summer. The invasion of Carpenter Bees spread across South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Many times they are confused with bumble bees but are very different. Carpenter bees damage wood as they burrow in to provide harborage and egg depository tunnels. In many cases carpenter bees burrow holes in your home, shed, deck, porch, swing sets, patio furniture and any other unprotected wood.

carpenter beesA hole or two doesn’t seem to be much of a problem but beware. If you don’t eliminate this pest in the early stages they will multiply to become a bigger problem. The damage they do will increase and the annoying behavior of hovering in front of you is intimidating. The males tend to be aggressive but are unable to sting because they do not have a stinger. However, females do have a stinger and will produce a sting if confined or molested. These bees are most annoying in great numbers which can be established in a short few years.

If you notice bees hovering in your yard, it’s best to make an inspection of your entire home. Pay close attention to wood structures that are unprotected by paint, vinyl or aluminum. Many times they will borrow in the underside of your homes fascia board. This area is difficult to get to and makes control measures more difficult. After you locate these holes wait for a cloudy day when the bees are less active than treat them with an insecticide. Insecticide dust covers more areas especially when treating behind fascia boards. Be sure to follow all label instructions as the label is the law. Leave the holes open for several days so the bee comes and goes and contacts the dust. Next, seal the holes with silicone caulk. Last, cover any unpainted wood surfaces with paint, vinyl or aluminum to protect them from re-infestation.

The inspection and treatment is not easy and you should consider hiring a pest control professional.

Here at Hoffman’s we have the experience necessary to identify the infested areas and can offer guarantees.

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