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South Jersey Bat Removal – What You Need to Know About Bats in the Summer

This is the time of year that you will see or hear bats in your home.  Beware of any company that tells you they can rid your home of bats this during the summer months.  Why?  Because it’s illegal in New Jersey during the months of May, June, and July.  Bats are protected under the NJ Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act.  This is the time of year when juveniles are not mature enough to fly and forage for food on their own.  Causing the young to starve to death is both inhumane and illegal.  It will also result in a bad odor in your home.

If you suspect that you have a bat in your home it is imperative that you call an exterminator immediately.  Although bats get a bad rap, they do create health issues that you don’t want in or around your home.  Contrary to popular belief, bats do not attack humans and they don’t try to tangle themselves in your hair while you sleep.  However, bats are a potential rabies vector and their droppings are a potential health hazard.

When you call and pest control professionals, they will make a thorough inspection of your attic and roofline.  They can determine if bats are getting into your home and more importantly, where they are getting into your home.  Starting in August, the exterminator can begin to seal the entire roofline leaving a couple of small areas open where they will install a bat tube.  This tube will allow the bats to leave the living area but prohibit them from re-entering your home.  As a result, the bats will seek other nesting areas.

It is illegal to kill bats as they are a very important part of our ecosystem.  Bats provide New Jersey with insect and pest control.  Keep in mind however that bats and people should be separated for health reasons.  So if you suspect you have a bat issue call for an inspection right away.  Even though a pest control expert cannot remove the bats now, they can still provide an inspection and recommendation.