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South Jersey Ant Control Tip – 3 Reasons You Should Never Spray for Ants!

This time of year it is very common to see ants in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.  This is because ants make their way into your home looking for food, water, and shelter.  Once they find what they are looking for they continue to grow the colony.  If you’re like most homeowners you’ll try to get rid of the problem on your own.  A trip to the local home center will produce retail products that promise most everything to get you to buy their brand.  Unfortunately, many of these manufactures make claims that are just not true or assume that the products they sell will be used at the right time and dispensed properly.  Here are three reasons why you should never spray for ants.

  1. Many retail pest control products only kill on contact.  This means spraying only kills a small percentage of the ant colony.  When the queen detects the colony is getting smaller she distinctively produces more eggs so the colony grows stronger.  Unless you can spray these products directly on the queen you will only assist the colony to grow and prosper.  Getting to the queen is very difficult because without the queen a colony cannot survive.   For this reason, the queen is protected in hard to reach areas, sometimes in walls, flooring, and inside block foundations.
  2. If used improperly, many retail pest control sprays can become repellent to ants.  This means that worker ants will avoid the area that you spray.  They will trail away from or around the pesticide.  If the pesticide gets too close to the queen she will employ the workers to pick up the eggs and relocate them further away from the pesticide.  In addition, if the colony is a decent size they will split the colony and begin a second or third colony.  This is better known as “satellite.” Once this happens, gaining control of the ant becomes more difficult.
  3. As a pest control company, we visit homes every day and speak with homeowners that have tried to treat pest problems on their own.  Very few succeed.  They tell us that they have spent large sums of money trying product after product only to find that they have increased the number of pests or split the colony and now see pests in areas they never have in the past.  They also tell stories of smelly, oily products that they felt were not safe for their family or pets and admit they really didn’t know how or when to apply the products.

Applying pesticides should not be taken lightly.  If you really think about it, these products were designed to kill living organisms.  Everyone understands that they are necessary to keep pests at bay but if they need to be applied, they should be applied by a professional to ensure the safety and well being of your pets and family.  Call someone who is well trained and applies these materials on a regular basis.  Your local, family-owned and operated pest control professional is always recommended.