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Bald Face Hornets in South Jersey

Bald Faced Hornet Advice

Bald faced hornets can be very aggressive. This is one pest you don’t want to fool with. They construct an interesting gray orb usually in a bush or tree. Occasionally they will build their nest under the eve of your home or shed. Many times these nests are built high in a tree and go undetected so it is not necessary to call an exterminator. However, if these hornets build their nest close to the ground they can wreak havoc on anyone passing the nest. This nest starts as small as marble and can end up as big as a basketball. A mature nest can house up to 700 hornets.
Each spring queens from the previous year start new nests to raise their young. As the number of individuals grows, they will become drones and queens. At the end of fall into the winter the hornets die out with the exception of the fertilized queens. They fly off and hibernate under logs, hollow trees and sometimes underground. In the spring the queen emerges and chooses another location to start building a nest. An abandoned nest will never be used again.

Homeowners will sometimes try to knock down the nest only to find that without killing the members they will work tirelessly to rebuild the nest bigger and stronger than ever. This is the time to call a professional to eliminate the nest. Many times it will take an exterminator two days to remove the nest. The first day the nest is treated with a dust or liquid to eliminate the hornets, the next day the nest can be removed.
If you’re brave enough to try to eliminate the nest yourself here are a few tips. Be sure to purchase a can of hornet spray that will shoot the material several feet away. This will allow you to keep a safe distance from the nest while spraying. You need this distance because as soon as the hornets realize they are in danger the hornets will go into attack mode. For added protection you should wear long pants and long sleeves as well as head protection. Typically, a hornet’s nest is less active during the night time or during a rainy day. This is the best time to treat a hornet nest.

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