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At Hoffman’s Exterminating, we offer expert pest control in Malvern, PA backed by over 30 years of experience. For three decades, our technicians have specialized in providing quality service with personalized care. That means you can count on us to take care of virtually any pest problem you are experiencing, no matter how big or small.

Our licensed team is trained to handle the latest tools and technology, and is familiar with all the industry-leading methods of pest control and treatment. But we also stay true to our roots, still going out of our way to take care of our community and even sponsoring local charities, food drives, and events. For a family-run pest control company that’s still run by the family that started it, contact the professionals at Hoffman’s today.

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Efficient Pest Control Solutions with Your Safety In Mind

At Hoffman’s, we offer services for dealing with a full range of pests, but all our services have one thing in common: they are completely safe for residential and commercial properties alike. We promise to ensure you receive pest control and treatment that doesn’t harm your pets, your children, your grandmother, or anyone else that happens to be in your home or business! We’ve been in this industry for a long time, which means we have what it takes to assess pest problems quickly, and present effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. And with exclusion options to help you prevent pests from returning in the future, Hoffman’s aims to take care of your pest problem for now and for good.

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Expert Termite Control in Malvern, PA

Termites are an extremely common pest, and can cause significant damage to the structure of your home or business. Termites damage more property in the United States on a yearly basis than natural disasters do! The moment you suspect that you are dealing with a termite problem on your property, call Hoffman's Exterminating as soon as possible. We work with cutting-edge bait and insecticide brands Sentricon® and Termidor® brands, and provide annual termite inspections for your peace of mind. We also provide re-treatments at no additional cost to you!

Signs of termite infestation:

  • Piles of "sawdust" - As termites tunnel through wood they leave a trail of droppings behind them. Termite droppings gather in little piles that look similar to sawdust.
  • Discarded wings - Termite swarmers look similar to flying ants. Once they find a place to colonize they discard their wings.
  • Tunnels underneath paint or wallpaper - Termites typically enter wood through an entry point and tunnel beneath the surface. If you have paint or wallpaper over the wood they are tunneling underneath, you may notice the paint or wallpaper bubbling up where the tunnels are created.
  • Sticky windows & doors - The exposed wood in window and door frames is a common target for termite colonies. As they tunnel through the wood they can produce moisture which causes the wood to expand & warps the frames, making them stick.
  • Mud tubes - Check the exterior of your property. If you notice tubes of mud tunneling toward exposed wood on your home, termites are likely the cause.

If you notice any of the above signs, it's important that you call a termite exterminator right away to prevent further damage to your home!

Why Should I Hire Your Malvern Pest Control Providers?

At Hoffman’s Exterminating, all our services are backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are a trusted institution in Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond, and we have the reputation to prove it. With rotating specials to suit a range of budgets, and free estimates for all, it’s hard not to get a great deal when you call Hoffman’s. And because we are so committed to taking care of your pest problem ASAP, we are even available for same-day appointments and 24-hour emergency service!

To schedule an appointment with our Malvern pest control technicians today, call (800) 615-3920, or send us a message online.

Why Choose Hoffman's Exterminating?

  • We Use Kid and Pet Friendly Products Image We Use Kid and Pet Friendly Products
  • Same Day Appointments Available Image Same Day Appointments Available
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service Image 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Monthly Payment Options Image Monthly Payment Options
  • Money Back Guarantee Image Money Back Guarantee
  • Family Owned and Operated Since 1990 Image Family Owned and Operated Since 1990

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves!

    Very Nice Clean and Courteous

    “Our technician came in, went up in the crawl space, set traps around, and then came back in a couple of weeks, and checked everything out. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

    - Nancy W.
    Excellent Customer Service!

    “This is my second year using Hoffman's and if I could give them more stars I would. Their customer service is excellent. The technicians are some of the most knowledgeable that I have experienced.”

    - Siobhan D
    Awesome Customer Service!

    “They patiently answered all questions and clearly told me what to how to proceed and what to expect.”

    - Karen K.
    Amazing Technicians

    “Robert answered all of my questions. The company is professional & I will definitely be using them in the future!”

    - Jai J.
    Very Courteous and Professional

    “Hoffman's Exterminating is a reliable company, who takes pride in the service they offer.”

    - Jeanna T.

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